#junkfreejune and Potatoes NZ

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#junkfreejune and Potatoes NZ

Posted by BlogAdmin on June 10th, 2015

Junk free june


Potatoes NZ is a proud supporter of Junk Free June. Junk Free June 2015 is this years campaign to raise money for the Cancer Society of New Zealand. Like many charities the Cancer Society relies on donations to fund much needed cancer research and to support people and their families with cancer.

Cancer is New Zealand’s biggest cause of death and most of us has been affected by this disease in some way. But did you know that most common cancers could be prevented by eating a nutritious diet, being physically active and maintaining a healthy body weight?

June Free June aims to give people freedom by helping people free themselves from the things that have a negative impact on their health and wellbeing, raise social awareness of what healthy choices are, educate people on how to live a healthy lifestyle, and empower people to make positive choices.

The good news is that during 30 days you can create new lifelong healthy habits that can stretch beyond the month of June.  It will be your new normal and a new way of thinking about health. One of the best things we can all do for our health is to eat more fresh foods, more whole foods, and more plant based meals.

Here are some tasty snack ideas to help you out through June!